Hello Minions!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been busy lair building, agent killing and generally, plotting to take over the world in the last few weeks. We’re so grateful to all of you and appreciate all your comments on our forums, social channels and beyond as we work to support and improve upon the game after launch.

We hope to share a number of top tips over the coming weeks to aid your world domination efforts and shed light on some of the Community topics we’ve seen discussed more frequently. First things first - Heat and Suspicion! We’ve recently gone live with a patch that alters the way these two elements function in Evil Genius 2, so let’s clarify exactly how they work and why they’re important to keep track of.


Your actions on the world map generate Gold and Heat and it is Heat that determines the strength of the agents that come to your island. You can keep track of this by closely monitoring your criminal networks.

Heat management will become increasingly important as you become more active on the world stage so expanding your schemes evenly across the world map is a great way of spreading the Heat across the five Forces of Justice. This will mean that the strength of the agents visiting your lair is more evenly balanced and you won’t end up facing one very powerful foe.

Don’t forget, minions, Heat reduction schemes are vital for keeping enemy Agents weakened. Those pesky Forces of Justice will still arrive at your lair, but they won’t test your defences too much.


Suspicion is always running and ticking along underneath the game – sending Agents to your lair periodically to build up a picture of your operations, starting with Investigators. These shifty customers will arrive in waves and when they do, they will build up a picture of the kind of operation you’re running.

When you click on an Investigator you will be able to track their Suspicion levels – the higher that suspicion rises, the bigger the consequences…

If you’re doing very well and keeping those pesky Investigators at bay with various distraction techniques then that suspicion will stay low. However, if you start to ignore those investigators and allow them to infiltrate your lair and escape with precious evidence, specialist Agent known as Rogues, Saboteurs or Soldiers will begin to be summoned.

The type of Agent you get is governed by suspicion, meaning that your actions in your lair will determine what kind of Agents you get. For example, if you were to get Saboteurs in your lair, that means Investigators found something they could potentially blow up. Same for Rogues and things that are steal-able. Soldiers are triggered by numerous Agents becoming MIA – so think twice before leaving that pile of body bags by the entrance of your lair!

All of this really emphasizes the importance of your Valets – if these masters of deception aren’t doing their jobs and distracting those initial waves of Investigators, Suspicion will rise and your foes will fight back with more and more force! (HINT: Keep climbing your way up The Deception Tree to progress your Valets to Socialites, Spin Doctors and Counter Agents)

Patch V1.3.0:

In our recently released V1.3.0 Patch, we’ve altered Agent behaviours slightly, so it’s going to be easier for Investigators to summon specialists based on their findings, and those specialists will increase in power based on how often they’re summoned to your lair. We’ve also enhanced the Valet’s deception capabilities so Investigators will now have a higher chance of being turned away. In other words minions, your cover operation and Valets are more important than ever to keep Suspicion low.

We’ve also made some changes to the World Map, meaning that managing your Heat is a lot more valuable, and the passive income gained from the World Map is going up – so it will pay to keep your regions Heat-free! Especially at higher difficulties, which will see lockdowns no longer resetting your Heat to zero. So get those screens built in your Control Room and manage that Heat! You’ll be glad you did.

To read more about the changes we’ve made in our recently released patch, Click Here