Evil Genius 2 is coming to consoles later this year! Launching on Xbox Games Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4 and 5 soon, Evil Genius 2 puts you in the shoes of the ultimate bad guy as you plot, scheme and execute your plans for world domination!

For those who aren't yet familiar with our satirical spy-fi strategy and base-building game, Evil Genius 2 sees players unleash their own unique brand of super-villainy upon humanity. Build your lair, recruit and train a workforce of loyal minions and powerful henchmen to defend your base from the meddling Forces of Justice.

Evil Genius 2 launched on PC earlier this year to critical acclaim. Here is what the press had to say about it:

“Takes The Evil Genius Franchise To The Next Level Of World Domination” 5/5
The Gamer

“Beautifully structured, endlessly amusing and with a surprisingly strong narrative thrust” 8/10

“The game is obviously made by people who cared for the property, as it conserves everything that was great about the original title while tightening the screws on the old doomsday device.” 8.5/10

"It’s a consistently amusing, fiendishly absorbing game" 4/5
The Guardian

 “Evil Genius 2 is probably one of the best base builders I have ever played” 10/10

- The Digital Fix

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