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It's time to unleash your own brand of unique super-villainy on the globe, as you build your lair, create an infallible cover operation and scheme to achieve world domination. Here's everything you need to know about Evil Genius 2...


Get To Know Your Geniuses

Play as narcissist tyrant Maximilian, returned from the original Evil Genius with a vengeance. Greedy for gold, he lives in luxury with lavish golden floors spanning his Inner Sanctum. He inspires (mainly through fear) his minions to work harder, train faster and make him money!

The heavy-muscled dictator Red Ivan has definitely experienced a glow up since his henchman days. Armed with a rocket launcher, he doesn't mind blasting whoever gets in the way of him reclaiming the motherland and dominating the globe. He too can inspire minions to focus on specific jobs, as well as giving his Muscle minions some extra firepower when in battle nearby.

Maybe the manipulative ex-spymaster Emma is the perfect partner in crime for you? She's saved the world so many times, one could say she's entitled to have her shot at ending it. In addition to focusing her minions on specific jobs, Emma is a masterful plotter and bolsters her henchmen by resetting their cooldowns. Her former life as a spy taught her many things, including the art of Deception - and she's skilled in heat reduction!

Or perhaps the scientist zealot Zalika is your best shot at world domination? For Zalika, the ends always justify the means. Her unrivalled intelligence makes her a formidable foe - as does her instant item repair and fire extinguishing skills. She inspires only the best from her Science minions, who are more capable than most (completing research much faster).

You will guide your chosen Evil Genius through their own distinct story-based campaign as they impose their twisted vision upon an unsuspecting globe. The question is, which Evil Genius is for you?

Three Island Locations

An Evil Genius needs a secluded base away from nosey neighbours... You must choose where to build your supervillain HQ, from three totally inconspicuous island paradises, each with their own gameplay challenges.

Crown Gold - a classic tropical paradise complete with Casino, of course! A great starting Island for beginners, with ample gold to mine as you dig deep into the mountain in which you build your Lair. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this Island is blessed with sun-soaked beaches and clear blue skies as far as the eye can see.

Montañas Gemelas - a characterful Island location with plenty of space for expansion! Here you can venture between two beautiful pillars thanks to the naturally formed bridge that connects them. This Island does present more of a challenge, with vast space for your minions and henchmen to traverse - and the potential of a fight to break out far from your current location!

Caine Key - a secluded location with natural defences! With an impenetrable but beautiful mountain range diverting Agents through the Casino as their only point of access, this donut-esque Lair location poses a different kind of challenge. Get creative with your Lair layout to make the most out of a tricky building space.

Whatever Lair you opt for, one thing is for certain. From the outside your base will look like a beautiful Casino resort, an ideal Tourist getaway with plenty of distractions, but behind closed doors lies all manner of unimaginable evil!

Intuitive Lair building

Design, build and customise your Lair as you see fit. Create terrifying Trap corridors, extravagant Inner Sanctums, efficient Staff Rooms and Barracks for quick stat regeneration - all fronted by a luxurious (and profitable) Casino! And cacti, just cacti everywhere... With modern base-building mechanics and loads of gameplay features totally new to the series (including multiple-floored Lairs) strategy fans will feel right at home with Evil Genius 2.

What’s in Evil Genius 2 Deluxe Edition?

If you’re still deciding whether to buy our Deluxe Edition for console or PC, here’s a quick breakdown of the devious DLC and evil extras available in our Season Pass. We've now delivered most of the promised DLC packs in our Season Pass, but we're sitting on one final (very exciting) Campaign Pack - coming next year!

The Cabal Pack

Test your Genius against the might of Espectro! This wannabe Super Agent seems committed to your total demise, but perhaps you can change his mind. Perhaps he could aid your evil agenda?

  • New Henchman (Espectro)
  • Themed reskins for other Henchmen (Eli Barracuda, Janet Bombe, Sir Daniel Ernest Hemingboone, Full Metal Jackie)
  • New Lair Equipment Item – Change your Henchmen’s visual appearance with the Cabal Indoctrination Chamber!
  • R.A.Y.G.U.N Interrogation Device
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

In-Genius Items Pack

An Evil Genius is only as good as the equipment they surround themselves with! Give your Lair a luxurious upgrade with the In-Genius Items Pack and watch your evil operations run smoother than ever before.

  • 4 Armoury Items (Agent Disguise Simulator, Melee Trainer, Practice Range, Security Checkpoint)
  • 2 Control Room Items (Advanced Computer, Communication Array)
  • 2 Corridor Items (360 Camera, Worker Station)
  • 2 Prison Items (Secure Holding Cell, Unpleasant Holding Cell)
  • 1 Staff Room Item (Puncho Bots)
  • 2 Infirmary Items (Rejuvenation Chamber, The Scan-O-Tron)
  • 2 Archive Items (Further Education, True Crime Documentaries)
  • 4 Barracks Items (Worker Beds, Muscle Beds, Deception Beds, Science Beds)
  • 7 New Doors (Inner Sanctum Doors for Max, Emma, Red Ivan and Zalika, Lab Door, Prison Door, Vault Door)

Rise of the Valkyrie Pack

It's time to unleash the Valkyrie's voice! Doomhilda is a fearsome adversary, but on your side, she could be exactly what your minions need to stay motivated. Best this devastating prima donna and her powerful friends and harness her ear-splitting skills to your advantage.

  • New Henchman (Doomhilda)
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives to recruit Doomhilda

Team Fortress 2: Pyro Pack

A familiar face joins the fray! Recruit The Pyro for additional firepower that will make your enemies tremble. Maybe build a few more fire extinguishers though, just in case.

  • New Henchman (Pyro)
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives to recruit Pyro
  • 3 Loot Items (Briefcase of Australium, Briefcase of Intelligence, Payload)

Portal Pack

Now you're scheming with portals! Ever wanted to walk through walls and get from one side of your vast evil lair to the other in an instant? Well now you can, and it’s all thanks to the researchers at Aperture Science.

  • New room type (Test Chamber)
  • 4 new traps (Propulsion Gel, Repulsion Gel, Cake That Is A Lie, Aperture Science Multi-Purpose Science Panel)
  • 4 new Loot items (Orange Portal, Blue Portal, Companion Cube, Actual Cake)
  • 3 new Lair items (Turret, Security Camera, Test Chamber Door)
  • New Decor items
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

Mechanical Minions Pack

Cutting edge minion technology provides a modern alternative to flesh-and-blood subordinates in the Mechanical Minions Pack. Amass a small army of robots for a cheaper, less needy workforce – batteries included!

  • 2 New minion types (The Work-O-Tron + The GuardBot 2.0)
  • 3 New Lair items (Work-O-Tron Assembly Line, GuardBot 2.0 Assembly Line, Robot Charging Station)
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

Abomination Pack

It's alive, it's ALIVE! Recycle your occupied body bags with the Abomination Creation Station to create a bunch of brainless brutes, ready to defend your Lair at all costs.

  • Abomination minion type
  • Abomination Creation Station that turns body bags into Abominations
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

And that's the Season Pass in a nutshell! As mentioned, we're still working on the very last instalment of our Season Pass, where we'll be introducing you to a brand new Genius, with a new ambition and big new ideas for how the Lair should be run. Watch this space for more news!

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