welcome, geniuses!

And congratulations on another successful World Domination Event! Yes, for the last four weeks, we have seen some truly remarkable acts of the both evil and genius - from clever Lair redesigns to brutal Super Agent defeats! Together, your criminal misdeeds have managed to sway even the most loyal of Super Agents to your cause...

The Forces of Justice are in uproar! Four of their finest have succumbed to our sinister plot, with Wrecking Bola, Atomic Olga, Symmetry and Agent X now available to recruit as Henchmen.

from s.a.b.r.e. to neighbour - week ONE

Wrecking Bola was our first target. Giving players the chance to really get stuck into the brand new Oceans Campaign Pack, we set our targets a little lower in week one - giving you time to get familiar with all the new content and progress far enough into your evil campaign that you could start luring Super Agents.

Not only did you comfortably complete our objectives by the end of the week, but you Schemed a WHOPPING 506,844 times! The target was only 140k. Talk about overachievers... give these minions a pay rise!

Lairs under the h.a.m.m.e.r. - week TWO

Naturally, your hard work should be rewarded with... more hard work. The second week of our event was meant to test your dedication to our evil cause. Again, you did not disappoint - though it was touch and go near the end! Atomic Olga is a formidable foe, but you still managed to sneak ahead of the target number of defeats, obliterating Olga 123,000 times over.

And we'd be amiss not to mention you just crossed the finish line (in overtime) for the Scheming objective this time round - surpassing the 500k goal by a mere seven Schemes! You could say 007... But that might be copyright infringement. *wipes brow* We thought our ambition was simply too great, but you really pulled out all the stops to get Atomic Olga on our side.


Up next, we had Symmetry... Another challenge. Another success. It was by a fine margin, but you still managed to exceed our expectations, by a few thousand extra Schemes, Interrogations and defeats. More impressive was your bloodlust for the treacherous little thief that's made off with so much of your ill-gotten gains in the past.

Honestly, there's evil and then there's hiring Symmetry for the sole purpose of guarding your Vaults of gold - to look but never to touch... We hope you revel in your long awaited revenge now you can recruit Symmetry to do your bidding!


Finally, we rounded off our event with a long awaited foe. Agent X was always loyal to a fault... but no more! Now he is yours to command. Despite your stats draining after four gruelling weeks of endless combat, intense Interrogations and sustained Scheming, you still managed to over-deliver on those Agent X defeats (11k over target)!

You also Interrogated a total of 154,342 P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Agents (44k over target)... We're impressed. Maybe Agent X is too. He values dedication to a cause as much as we do! Who knows, perhaps your dedication was the key to swaying his loyalty to P.A.T.R.I.O.T. in the end.


We're close to rolling out the in-game rewards, so you'll be recruiting your Super Agent defectors soon enough! Watch this space. In the meantime, click to download your exclusive wallpapers for Wrecking Bola, Atomic Olga, Symmetry and Agent X - and your BONUS Polar Wallpaper for completing every objective during our event!

You can also head over to Discord and check out the Super Agent stickers and emojis (again, with bonus Polar-themed content), and celebrate your successes with our villainous community.

Welcome to the Wall of Infamy

Before the start of our Community Event, we mentioned that players had a chance to feature on our Wall of Infamy - a monument to the most magnificent mavericks, a tribute to the truly terrible, a shrine for sinister- you get the idea! Forever commemorated on our blog (and in our cold, cold hearts). There was also a chance to win an exclusive Evil Genius 2 notebook - so there's that too!

All players needed to do was share their screenshots with us using #WorldDominationEvent on social media, or by popping them in our Discord community content channel. Finally, the moment has come to share our favourite submissions...


First up, we have Elite NEET Anna with an incredible Loot collection. Here's what Anna had to say: "Fun Fact: this was my second time getting the "All Loot" achievement. This is the Inner Sanctum of my 100% Polar run. It's not stylish. But it has literally everything."

Not gonna lie, we're pretty impressed. As such, we've officially titled Anna as "The Malevolent Magpie" for the Wall of Infamy, to represent their love of shiny objects and expensive treasures.

Next, another Genius with an eye for loot, we have Puppyking (see original tweet) and their stylish Loot gallery extension to Maximilian's Inner Sanctum. Here's what they had to say: "Max's very own museum that he can show off... even if he kills everyone after they've seen everything."

We like the way you think! In honour of Loot-pinching prowess, we dub you "The Criminal Collector". Best of luck finding a capable minion to polish all those ill-gotten goods!

During our event, we heard from many players who were trying new strategies and optimising their Lairs to defeat our target Super Agents as efficiently as possible. One of our favourite submissions comes from Boaz the Trapper, who shared this sinister moment on Discord, and said: "Ivan Lair strategy... It's called SIR DANIEL STAREDOWN!"

It looks like it's Symmetry who'll be staring down the barrel of a gun. Well then Boaz, we have no choice but to crown you... Boaz... the "Tyrannous Trapper" - for your superb strategy in subjugating Symmetry - bravo!

A recurring objective in each week of our World Domination Event required players to Interrogate as many Agents as possible. To do so, a spacious Prison with plenty of cells is required. Happily, KarrdboardBox is a seasoned Lair builder and interrogator! Here we see their design...

A mouthful it may be for an evil nickname, but you strike us as a "Big Cell, Little Cell" type of genius. Regardless, we wouldn't want to end up as your prisoner. Here's what they shared with us on Discord: "[Here's] my prison block and interrogation chamber, along with a few new friends from A.N.V.I.L. - kinda stealing the prison design I always used in the original Evil Genius. Maximum Occupancy: 10."

Last but by no means least, a reminder from LordTar0 that the show MUST go on! Sure, we might increase our Scheming, our Interrogating and our Super Agent smackdowns - but our ultimate goal is World Domination. So, when the opportunity presents itself, we press on. Here's what they had to say: "[Here's] Max's final moments before his golden era, and not facing the device like a true genius..."

Perhaps Maximilian was considering what to have for his evening meal? Maybe he was contemplating how much power would be required to use M.I.D.A.S. on Mars? Who knows what greedy thoughts run through his mind... But Lord Tar0 has their eyes on the prize, which is why we've dubbed them the "Back To Business Boss" - for their dedication to the bigger picture!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Community Event, and thanks to all those who submitted to our Wall of Infamy. We'll be contacting each of you about your prizes. Stay evil!