One step closer to global domination... and it's all thanks to our community of criminal masterminds! You've shown those no-good do-gooders from the Forces of Justice that we're not to be trifled with.

Together, we've interrogated 549,350 prisoners, looted over 30,142 world treasures, completed 1,072,253 schemes and upgraded no less than 115,685 criminal networks. All that evil in only one short week... Wúnderbar!

Having successfully completed all four objectives within the time limit, you've unlocked some loot-worthy rewards for the whole Evil Genius 2 community - including the long awaited Toilet Block DLC!

We know you're busting for the toilet, but you'll have to hold it just a little bit longer. We'll be rolling out this free new item to the whole Evil Genius 2 community in our next hotfix (coming very soon)!

As for the remaining plunder, here's how you can access your well deserved rewards:

25% Discount on ALL EVIL GENIUS 2 MERCH - click here to visit our merch store and grab yourself some evil goodies! (CODE: Worlddom) This discount will be valid from Wednesday 6th October, to Wednesday 20th October (midnight BST).

NEW Discord stickers and reactions - click here to join our Discord channel and discover our Evil Genius 2 themed reactions (emojis) and stickers! Look out for a post in #eg2-announcements for when these drop.

Exclusive Wallpapers (x4 designs) - click here to download four Evil Genius 2 wallpapers (Desktop and Mobile versions available)! We'll also share these on our social media channels very soon.

Until next time, minions. Stay evil!