This latest hotfix addresses a small number of issues raised following the release of our last patch. The list of changes that are now live are as follows:

Addressed a crash when a character has been targeted by a Special Ability, but despawns before the Special Ability has completed.

Special Ability has completed.
Incendio's "Magic Trick" ability will correctly display a cooldown timer.

Side Stories
Completing "The Melting Point of Steele" Side Story will no longer remove Symmetry from the campaign.

Developer Update
Hi, this is Rob Myall, lead coder on Evil Genius 2, with another development update. We continue to see lively discussion on all our social media channels and hopefully this will help you understand where our priorities are today.

With the release of our In-Genius Items Pack, one of our early decisions to only allow the addition of DLC to new campaigns received a lot of feedback and we’re looking to address that as soon as we possibly can, hopefully in the next major patch. The next patch will focus on further quality of life updates and bug fixes. This is looking promising but is going to take a fair amount of testing so we can’t rush it out of the door. This will ultimately exclude one item of DLC – the Campaign Pack – which, as you’ll see when we start to reveal more details, is not something that can be dropped into a game in progress.

We’re also continuing to look at other points of feedback: many of you have expressed dissatisfaction with the vignette effect around the screen so we’re looking to add an accessibility option to disable this, as well as an option to disable some of the flashing elements in the UI. One of the items we couldn’t address in our large balance patch (V1.3.0) was research still being an item that blocks play, so we’re looking at whether we can retain your progress on one research project while allowing you to switch to another (allowing you to prioritise that World Domination research without having to abandon a longer-term upgrade).

Rich Edwards’ design team are looking at balance issues to do with the spreading of Fire (which may help those struggling with a Red Ivan playthrough!), how Agents interact with the Cover Operation and their initial entry in to the Lair, and looking at making Traps more effective. They’re also fixing a number of Loot items that haven’t quite been working as expected.

Keep engaging with our Community team and we’ll do our best to keep you apprised.