IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! No, seriously... Our science minions have been cooking up something seriously sinister (and just a little bit slimy) as an added deterrent for the Forces of Justice, and it's just in time for spooky season. Every Evil Genius dreams of tireless minions, and we've created just that!

Now you can resurrect your own army of brain-munching brutes to keep agents at bay. Imagine the sheer terror those troublesome agents will experience, running into one of these towering, barbaric beasts! No mercy, just muscle.

The new Abomination pack for Evil Genius 2 contains the side mission storyline that allows players to unlock the Abomination Creation Station which takes body bags, and their grizzly contents, and turns them into Abominations – the ultimate undead minion who will never let you down. Imagine the sheer terror those troublesome agents will experience, running into one of these towering, barbaric beasts! No mercy, just muscle.


The spooky season is upon us, and with this update the Abomination Pack is available to Season Pass holders, or separately for purchase, blending Body Bags with a dash of mad science to add these shambling hulks of muscle to your minion ranks.

We continue to squash bugs where we find them, and this patch should remedy the remaining navigation issues some of you have experienced. The Design team have also reviewed Loot item power costs, and made some changes as a result, spreading the power requirements out more evenly to prevent sudden drains on power at the end of objectives. We’ve included the specific changes below. We've also added an option for those of you who want to use your cursor outside of EG2 while the game is running, improved a few Trap combos, and added some additional messaging where you've told us it would be helpful.

The team are hard at work on the Campaign Pack which will be our next item of new post-launch content, and will complete the Season Pass. Those of you looking for new challenges and fresh faces in your Evil Genius 2 campaigns should look out for updates on this from our Marketing team in the weeks ahead.

And finally no, we didn't forget about v1.9.0, but the reasons for jumping to v1.10.0 for this update are far less interesting than you might imagine. Bureaucracy is perhaps the ultimate evil.

We wish you continued success in your pursuit of World Domination.

The Evil Genius 2 Development Team.


  • Characters will navigate unusual Lair configurations with greater reliability.
  • Captured minions no longer retain possession of their weapons.
  • Minions with the "Unloved" and "Heatwave" Traits no longer become trapped restoring stats when assigned to leave on a Scheme.
  • Entering High Alert while minions are in transit to a Scheme will no longer interrupt the transport in unusual circumstances.
  • Messaging added for minions with zero Smarts damaging Items in the Lair.
  • Additional visual feedback added for incarcerated characters.
  • The correct Genius' Inner Sanctum visuals will continue to be used when playing for an extended period of time.
  • The cost of Items sold while they are being moved is correctly added to the Vault.
  • Traps on cooldown can be used for Interrogation. This will not reset the cooldown.
  • Agents with depleted Resolve will attempt to exit the Lair using the closest vehicle available to them.
  • Active audio effects of Items no longer continue to play when not in use in unusual circumstances.
  • Items that are being transported for construction no longer display a shadow at their destination before being placed.
  • Environment rocks no longer clip through the extreme edge of buildable space in the default Cover Operation space when playing on the "Crown Gold" Island Lair.
  • Environment rocks no longer clip through Items with recessed floors placed in specific locations when playing on the "Montañas Gemelas" Island Lair.
  • Environment rocks no longer clip through Items with recessed floors placed in specific locations when playing on the "Caine Key" Island Lair.
  • "Allow cursor out of window" option added.
  • Shortcut keys for changing tabs function consistently when navigating the save/load screens.
  • The Infirmary room icon has been replaced.
  • Gamepad control and button prompt improvements.
  • Explanatory tooltips added for several options settings in the launcher.
  • Text and localisation improvements


  • Additional icons added for Sandbox Objectives.


  • Doomsday Device countdown is correctly aborted when the Doomsday Device loses power for any reason.


  • The explosion damage caused by Robot minions on death has been reduced. Explosion damage caused by enemy Robots on death remains unchanged.
  • Robot minions are correctly affected by each Genius' AoE abilities.
  • Loot items have had their power requirements adjusted as follows:

  • Giant Egg - Was 0 Now -2
  • Area 51 Dispenser - Was 0 Now -1
  • A Million Bees - Was -8 Now 0
  • Carrion Flower - Was -6 Now 0
  • Flying Pig - Was 0 Now -1
  • Doors of Fort Knox- Was 0 Now -1
  • Dodo Educator - Was 0 Now -1
  • World's oldest bones - Was 0 Now -1
  • Flame of Prometheus - Was -8 Now 0
  • The Sarcophagus - Was 0 Now -1
  • Rumpelstiltskin's Wheel - Was 0 Now -2
  • Additional messaging added when Side Stories have limitations attached that could lock out other Side Stories.


  • Jubei will now respond to move orders while his "Flow" ability is active.
  • Henchman targeted abilities are no longer interrupted by an Agent disabling a Trap.


  • Characters hit by a Boxing Glove or Aperture Science Panel will be correctly affected by the Freeze Ray and Bubble Cannon.
  • Turrets are no longer able to see through Agent Disguises.
  • Propulsion Gel will no longer remain visible over an open Shark Tank when these traps are used in a combo.

The Abomination Pack is included as part of the Evil Genius 2 Season Pack or as an individual purchase costing $3.49/€3.49/£2.99. Happy Halloween!