We’re very pleased to reveal that pre-purchases are now live for Evil Genius 2! We’re offering everybody 10% discounts on all pre-purchases, but if you own the original Evil Genius, you get a devious 15% off! All pre-purchases include the Fountain of Youth and Trojan Horse in-game bonus items.

In addition, it is our pleasure to confirm that Sandbox Mode will be coming to Evil Genius 2: World Domination at launch, for free! Build your lair without having to worry about progress or unlocks – in this mode, the only limit is your imagination! Fill your floors with pinball bumpers, create the world’s most ridiculous canteen – the possibilities are endless!

Want more? Very well – for the supervillain who simply must have everything, we’re offering the Evil Genius 2 Deluxe Edition! This package includes the base game, Season Pass One, the pre-order DLC and an exclusive in-game item – the Aurora Borealis! Yes, that’s right, localized entirely within your lair.

Oh, you want something tangible? That you can touch? Is the digital realm not enough for you? Then presenting the Evil Genius 2 Collector’s Edition – which includes all the content of the Deluxe Edition, a print version of the Evil Genius 2 Companion Magazine AND a statue of Maximilian!

Evil Genius 2 is ready and primed for World Domination when it launches March 30 on Steam, priced £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 (before discounts).