Event: World Domination Event (28 Sep - 5 Oct 2021)

We’re calling on criminal masterminds from across the globe to help us achieve true World Domination – consider yourself recruited!

It’s time to show those no-good do-gooders from the Forces of Justice that we’re not to be trifled with. By demonstrating our unparalleled power, unmatched malevolence and unrivalled reach across the globe, we’re confident they’ll bend to our rule once and for all.

You have four objectives to complete, seven days to do it… and one resolute message to send to anyone that wants to get in our way. Don’t!

ALERT! ALERT! Evil Genius 2 is on sale now (discount offer ends Friday, Oct 1):

40% off Evil Genius 2: World Domination
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

We have ways of making you talk! Squeeze that sweet, sweet Intel out of your prisoners to unlock prizes.

Keeping an operation of this scale running is no easy task. Complete schemes to earn money, recruit more bodies and keep Justice at bay.

We can't work in these conditions! Upgrade your criminal networks to improve your global operations.

Is it valuable? Is it shiny? Is it unique? Yes - then it's ours. Expand your loot collection to earn your rewards.

who's up for looting?

You have 'til Tuesday, October 5th to help us achieve world domination and unlock your rewards. What rewards, you ask? Well...

- Toilet Block DLC
- Exclusive Wallpapers (x4 designs)
- NEW Discord stickers and reactions
- 25% Discount on ALL EVIL GENIUS 2 MERCH

It's time to call in every henchmen you know to help us smash these objectives. Don't forget to check our progress tracker to see what's left on the evil agenda, and how close you are to unlocking your rewards.

Looking for like-minded criminal masterminds? Want to join in the conversation? Join our Discord community to celebrate your sinister successes, and share your contributions with us on social media (tag us and use #WorldDominationEvent). Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I participate in this event?
A: We’ve set all Evil Genius 2 players four objectives to complete in-game so simply play as you normally would to participate in our World Domination efforts! Keep an eye on your collaborative progress over the 7 days via evilgeniusgame.com/live-event.

Q: When does the event end?
A: We’ll be tracking your World Domination efforts from Tuesday 28th September – Tuesday 5 October and prizes will be distributed on Wednesday 6 October.

Q: Do I need to start a new save to begin contributing to the four objectives?
A: No. You can start participating at any time in existing or new saves.

Q: Who can I interrogate to progress the Operation: Intel objective?
A: Any interrogation that results in Intel is viable for this objective, feel free to squeeze that vital intelligence out of minions and intruders alike.

Q: What if I cancel a scheme before it has completed, will that still count towards the Scheming Is Dreaming objective?
A: Cancelling schemes will not count. The scheme must be completed to contribute towards this objective!

Q: If I destroy and rebuild my criminal networks to upgrade those networks again, will that still count towards the We Must Construct Additional Pylons objective?
A: Yes, you can demolish a criminal network without setting the objective back, and your rebuild will count towards the objective.

Q: If I start a new save to collect more loot, will that count towards the total number of loot items collected?
A: Yes, feel free to start a new save file to collect loot you missed on previous campaigns, to aim for the complete collection, or simply to pick up loot items you’ve collected on different save.

Q: Can we place loot items multiple times in one campaign?
A: No, each loot item is unique and there can only be one of each loot item placed within a campaign.

Q: Do I need any DLC to participate in this event?
A: No, each milestone is purely based on the base game, and does not require season pass or free DLC content to participate.

Q: How do I unlock the prizes when the event has ended?
A: Keep an eye on our blog after the event ends to find out how to access those precious prizes!