Direct From The Devs

You did it, you showed those Super Agents who's really the boss and now you can recruit them into your own evil organisation, congratulations!

With this update we have added Side Stories for recruiting Atomic Olga, Symmetry, Agent X and Wrecking Bola as Henchmen. You'll encounter each Super Agent as usual as you progress towards World Domination in a Campaign game, but after you've defeated them once and for all, recruitment side stories will become available, allowing them to cheat death and join your side.

Alternatively, dive into Sandbox mode and start playing with them right away! This content does not require any DLC download or enabling, its now available by default as part of the base game.

The addition of the Temperature System in the Oceans DLC pack was always intended to introduce new construction challenges, and additional considerations when building your evil Lair, but it has done so a touch more aggressively than some of you would like.

We've made some changes here to make Comfortable temperatures (and aesthetically pleasing Lair layouts) easier to achieve, and we will continue to monitor this over the coming weeks.

We have of course continued to listen to feedback we receive through our wonderful community team, and so you can also expect the usual list of bug fixes and QoL improvements in addition to your rewards for successfully completing the community challenge.

Stay evil,

The EG2 Dev Team

Patch Notes


  • Side Stories for the recruitment of Super Agents
    (Wrecking Bola, Symmetry, Agent X and Atomic Olga)

Platform Specific:

  • PS5 - Fixed issue with audio dropout
  • PS5 - Doomsday Devices should now cause pad vibrations
  • PS4 - Gamepad no longer becomes unresponsive on switching profile
  • WinStore - Game will no longer crash on close if the user is signed out

Oceans Campaign Pack:

  • Comfortable Temperature level thresholds have been relaxed, and negative Temperature thresholds have been increased
  • Extreme Temperatures now have a reduced impact on Lair Item Durability
  • Permanent Temperature changes during Polar's Campaign have been reduced
  • The positive effects of the Comfortable Trait have been increased
  • The Air Con Unit and Space Heater have had their emission range increased
  • Temperature furniture adjustments
  • Temperature traits no longer prevent minion capture
  • Brought Polar's "Inner Sanctum Door" stats in line with others
  • Oceans content in Rogues gallery now displays correctly
  • Arctic Casino Doors no longer switch to normal Casino Doors after they open
  • Engineers now correctly receive "Well Fed" buff from Sushi Bar
  • Hubbard Slice now correctly affects Oceans loot items
  • Industrial Air Conditioner now correctly unlocked in Sandbox Mode
  • Prevented Oceans side stories persisting beyond the "point of no return"
  • Gordian Naut engineering project now correctly lists "Unlocks"
  • Deep Six objectives now correctly list "Unlocks"
  • Improved collision for selecting Oceans regions on the World Map
  • Credits now play correctly on completing the Oceans campaign
  • Deep Six objective markers now rotate correctly on the World Map
  • Engineers no longer become misaligned with "Workbench"/"Advanced Workbench" during use
  • Improvements to Agent speedboat arrival animation
  • Characters should no longer float into the air inside the Oceans island helipad lift
  • Minor Arctic Island updates


  • Doors destroyed by Wrecking Bola will now be re-constructed automatically when set to do so
  • Removed duplicate items from Sandbox build menu
  • Improvements to Muscle minion rigging
  • Muscle minions legs no longer float while using "Super Serum Machine"
  • Clara Jones now correctly sits at Red Ivan's conference table
  • Prevented stair construction configuration leading to invalid build state
  • Gamepad can no longer navigate to invalid minion type in minion manager
  • Improvement to the way minion training and priorities interact
  • Furniture selection markers now appear on Incinerators when selected via minion side panel
  • Casino fountain damage stats now more consistent
  • Launcher graphics settings now consistent with in-game options
  • Collision updated on V.O.I.D. Stage 3
  • Updated overhead icon priorities
  • Added reset camera key
  • Scientist minions should leave computer consoles earlier when power is switched off
  • Intro cut scene timing updates
  • Adjustment to job priority of Incinerator vs. Abomination Creation Station
  • Freeze Ray VFX should trigger correctly on interaction with other traps
  • Reduced delay before Super Agents respawn after being defeated
  • Combat furniture vision cone updates
  • Updated stats for "Improved Radio Repeater"
  • Lighting/Shadow improvements
  • Text Updates
  • Minor UI Updates
  • Animation clipping updates
  • Island object clipping updates