Welcome Geniuses!

We're back with another Evil Genius 2: World Domination LIVE COMMUNITY EVENT! Big goals, bigger rewards - so much on the way. But first, a quick recap for all our nefarious newcomers.

Since our last Community Event back in October 2021, Evil Genius 2 has released to consoles. Now, console players might be accustomed to the casual inclusion of working toilets in their Lair, but for a long time the Toilet Block DLC was merely a recurring gag within our community.

That was until we rolled it out as a reward following the successful completion of all our community objectives in the last event. So, when your minions aren't doing your business, they can finally do theirs in peace - and you have PC players to thank for it!

Players smashed our targets last time, with 549,350 interrogations carried out, 30,142 world treasures looted, 1,072,253 Schemes completed and no less than 115,685 criminal networks upgraded in just one week! This time though, we're pulling out all the stops with a four-week event, and some pretty exciting rewards. Here's how it's going to work...

Week 1: From S.A.B.R.E. To Neighbour

In the first week of our Community Event, we're turning our attention towards S.A.B.R.E. and their hammer-wielding heavyweight Wrecking Bola. She'd be a valuable asset in the Lair, don't you think? Wouldn't it be great if we could recruit her as a Henchman? We think so too, let's make it happen.

You have three objectives:

  • Beat Wrecking Bola (and her crew)
    Remind Wrecking Bola who she's dealing with by defeating her and her crew in combat.
  • Scheme in S.A.B.R.E. Regions
    Intimidate S.A.B.R.E. by running shameless Schemes in their Regions.
  • Interrogate S.A.B.R.E. Agents
    Capture and interrogate Agents from S.A.B.R.E. until they give up their secrets.

Over on our Community page, we've reintroduced a new and improved progress tracker, so you can see how close the community is to achieving each target. Hit the targets and rewards will be unlocked. Your goal here is to show Wrecking Bola that she's batting (or hammering) for the wrong team, and the only way an evil genius can do that is through a serious show of strength.

Week 2 - 4

Week two through four will work in a similar way, the difference being that you'll be hitting other factions of the Forces of Justice. Hit H.A.M.M.E.R. where it hurts by winning over the formidable Atomic Olga (after you've absolutely obliterated her, of course). Embarrass A.N.V.I.L. by stealing away the slippery Symmetry (once you've made her pay for stealing all your stuff)! And, perhaps the biggest slap in the face you could give Justice, sway the loyalties of the star-spangled poster boy for P.A.T.R.I.O.T. - Agent X!

the rewards

You guessed it, each of these Super Agents will become available to recruit as Henchmen if you manage to beat them enough times to hit our targets. Important: This change will not come into effect until a patch after the end of the 4-week event. But there'll be other rewards unlocked along the way...

Decorate your desktops and phone screens with some wicked wallpapers themed around each Super Agent - one design will be available with each weekly objective! We'll also throw in a bonus wallpaper for the brand new Evil Genius, Polar, available now with the Oceans Campaign Pack DLC.

We're also working on some devious new Discord stickers and reactions, which went down a treat after our last community event. Again, these will be themed around each Super Agent, but provided you unlock them in time, we'll put those out each week!

the wall of infamy

Last time, we saw some great screenshots and photos of Lair redesigns where players focused their efforts on Interrogation. And it was a good thing too, because all those Schemes were cranking up the heat so bigger Prisons were a must! We want to see more action from your Lairs, which is why we're introducing the Wall of Infamy.

A feature on the Wall of Infamy is the ultimate badge of honour for a true Evil Genius. We'll be recapping the illustrious efforts of all our players as we battle against the Forces of Justice... but you, you'll be the star of the show! Forever commemorated on our blog (and in our cold, cold hearts). You'll also win an exclusive Evil Genius 2 notebook for all your future scheming - so there's that!

All you need to do is share your screenshots with us using #WorldDominationEvent and tagging Evil Genius in your posts.

good luck

We know you don't need it, but good luck anyway! Many of you are seasoned criminal masterminds with a knack for bringing Justice to it's knees, so we have every confidence in you. That being said, if you need any help, you can find our Community Managers over on our Discord server, on Steam or on our social media. Give us a shout if you have any questions (or find your answer below).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I participate in this event?
A: We've set the Evil Genius 2 community a series of objectives to complete over a one week period, with four weeks to the event. That means each week, starting on a Tuesday, you'll have a total of three new objectives to work towards. You can track the community's progress via evilgeniusgame.com/community.

Q: I can't see any new objectives in my game that are related to this event - how do I play?
A: As our objectives are shared with all players, they exist outside of the game. You won't see any objectives in the game that link up to the objectives on our website. Use the objectives on our website as instructions for actions to perform in your game (e.g. Beat Wrecking Bola and her crew = when playing, focus on luring Wrecking Bola to your Lair to kill her and her cronies).

Q: I don't understand the objectives, how can I access more support?
A: Our Community Managers are easily contactable in our Discord server, as are our moderators who may be able to help you further.

Q: When does the event start and end?
A: We'll be tracking your World Domination efforts from Tuesday 8th February to Tuesday 8th March, with some rewards distributed weekly, and others coming in a future patch after the end of the event.

Q: Do I need to start a new save to begin contributing to the weekly objectives?
A: No. You can start participating at any time in existing or new saves. However, if you wish to play as Polar during this event, or play with any of the new DLC items related to the Oceans Campaign Pack, you'll have to start a new save file.

Q: I've killed the Super Agent of the week, can I still contribute to that objective?
A: Yes, if you want to! Playing on another of your running campaigns, or starting a new campaign will mean you can defeat the Super Agent and their crew all over again. Or, you might want to spend that time working on other objectives, or readying your Lair for the next week of Super Agent attacks.

Q: For the objective where we have to defeat the Super Agent and their crew, which actions count towards the progress?
A: Every time the Super Agent visits your Lair and you emerge victorious counts. So long as you reduce their Vitality to zero you'll put points on the scoreboard - even if the too-smug do-gooder manages to escape at the last moment!

Q: Do defeats outside of the side stories count?
A: Yes, defeating Super Agents (and their crews) outside of their side stories will still count towards the target.

Q: Will death by Interrogation count towards both the Interrogation objective and the Super Agent and crew defeats objective?
A: Yes, you can choose to kill Agents on sight (progressing one objective) or you can get clever and capture the crew that accompanies the Super Agent for Interrogation - this will count towards both objectives.

Q: What if I cancel a scheme before it has completed, will that still count towards the scheme objective?
A: Cancelling Schemes will not count. The scheme must be completed to contribute towards this objective!

Q: How do I get more Agents from the Forces of Justice faction we're focusing on?
A: You should already be running Schemes in the regions where your target Forces of Justice faction is located, so keep heat under control in the other regions, and bring in Agents from the regions you need.

Q: Can I run Schemes in other regions or do I have to only run them in locations of the target Forces of Justice faction?
A: You can run Schemes wherever you need to keep your funds up and heat down - but Schemes in regions not related to the target won't count towards the progress of your community objective.

Q: Do I need any DLC to participate in this event?
A: No, each objective is purely based on the base game, and does not require a Season Pass or any of our free DLC content to participate.

Q: Why do some of the targets for community objectives change each week?
A: We identified each target set by looking at historic data on player behaviour, using this as a baseline in creating our more challenging objectives. You may find that the target number of kills on one Super Agent and their crew is different to another of the same objective. This will be because players historically kill some Super Agents more than others, therefore the target of kills on a Super Agent and their crew will will vary.

Q: How do I unlock the rewards when the event has ended?
A: We will be posting news to our blog and social media channels, as well as the Steam forum and Discord server when the Super Agents become available to recruit as Henchmen. These won't become available immediately. As for your wallpapers and Discord stickers/reactions, we will communicate when these become available during the event through the usual channels.