It has been just over a week since Evil Genius 2 was released into the world, and what a week it has been! With this hotfix we've addressed several issues which could cause progress to become blocked, and have made Deception-focused playstyles more viable by significantly reducing Force of Justice Agents' chance of fighting back, which should result in fewer brutal murders of your humble Valets...provided you keep an eye on your Heat!

Thank you all for your passionate feedback, and we'll continue listening as we address areas where balance and pace can be adjusted to reduce waiting times and further improve your World Domination experience in the weeks ahead.

Patch Notes


  • Agents of "Average" quality and below will no longer fight back when being distracted and escorted out of the Lair. The chance for higher quality Agents to fight back has been reduced.
  • The Spotting Power bonus for minions on duty at Guard Posts has been improved.
  • Killing characters as soon as they disembark from the Cruise Ship will no longer prevent other characters from disembarking.

Side Stories

  • Crime Lords dying outside of combat will no longer block progression.
  • Gas clouds of all types, including those seen in the Sword in the Stone Side story, will correctly disperse on completion of the Side Story.