Agent X, reporting for duty... It's been known that sometimes I can have a hard time getting into my vests... That's why I rely on tried and trusted tailors from around the world to keep me looking stylish while justice is served. Join me as I take a walk through my vast collection of vests for all occasions, and take feedback from today's fashion critics - Executive Producer, Ash Tregay, Studio Art Director, Ian Pestridge, and Producer, Simon Robertson.

If you are an aspiring vest tailor and you believe in justice (and fashion) for all, join our Discord.

My X47 Vest

Sometimes less is more, and this is especially true with my X47 vest designed by Boaz the Tailor! I wanted to look smart, sophisticated, but also ready for anything. This vest ticks all my boxes. Highly recommend the Boaz label. But what do my fashion critics have to say?

Ash Tregay: "The classic lines of this black overcoat accentuate the wearer’s athletic form, while the waistcoat beneath contains surprisingly ample pocket space for bullet journals. The crisp white shirt leaves the observer in no doubt they’re dealing with a professional, and rich accents of red draw the eye to reinforce the impression that this character makes a killing."

Ian Pestridge: "That would be a nice cross-over, I’d like to see the inventive ways he takes down his targets. Barcode printed onto a card in his fedora would be a nice touch, double silenced pistols…"

My Camo Vest

A true ally of Justice, Ogre is a dedicated Discord moderator and happens to be a formidable fashion icon. They've contributed a number of vests to my growing collection, this one comes in the form of this practical yet perfectly paired ensemble of camo colours, with a violent splash of red. But what do the devs think?

Ash Tregay: "Frankly, I don’t think the Star-Spangled Planner would be caught dead in this outfit…because he wouldn’t be seen."

True! All those times I've evaded the enemy, it's been thanks to the tireless efforts of my tailors. Now, what's next?

My Flower Power Vest

Ah yes, another Ogre creation! Pulling out all the stops with another, less inconspicuous number... When I am feeling flashy, I wear my Flower Power P.A.T.R.I.O.T. uniform. This deviously distracting vest is groovy, psychedelic AND it deals resolve damage (or so I've been told). It's not failed me yet. But what does our Studio Art Director think of this design?

Ian Pestridge: "My eyes! 70’s secret agent style, transport of choice a VW camper van…"

You might want to see an optometrist, because this outfit will leave stars in your eyes. Look at me, I am fabulous!

My Fire And Ice Vest

And where would I be without my Fire and Ice vest? In comes the third and most extravagant Ogre label item in my collection. This time I'm sporting a vest for any weather, ideal if I need to speed off to the Arctic after a day dealing with tropical-based tyrants... What's the verdict?

Ian Pestridge: "That’s some fancy design work there, I particularly appreciate the halftone patterning used. I like the idea of a dual personality and theme applied to agent…"

My Freedom Vest

GhostMoon is my go-to fashion advisor! When they're not designing voguish villain costumes for enemies of Justice, they're working on my vast vest collection. In truth, we came to an agreement... provided they keep their nose clean, they can keep making my vests. Let's get the critic's take.

Ian Pestridge: "You can never go wrong if you want to look like you mean serious business wearing purple and black with skulls."

MY Zombie Killing Vest

You might think my job ends with dealing justice to Evil Geniuses, but bad guys stop at nothing to get what they want - even if that means reanimating their dead minions. You know what they say, there ain't no rest for the wicked. But still, I'm no stranger to facing Abominations... That's why I love this vest designed by LordTar0 - drawing inspiration from the classic Shaun of the Dead!

Ash Tregay: "You might be waiting for this whole 'World Domination' thing to blow over, but not Agent X. He may have red on him, but his plans are a slice of gold."

Simon Robertson: "I’m a particular fan of Agent Shaun of the Dead. Think the little detail of the leaky pen in the shirt pocket made it for me."

Ian Pestridge: "Love it. Union jack facemask looks great too. Seeing this makes me wish we had done a Union Jack emblazoned variant of John and Jane Steele."

Too right! I'm going to have a quick cornetto break, then get right back to walking you through my vest collection. After all, I can't fight evil on an empty stomach.

My ACE Vest

I am a believer in justice and liberty for all! I'll certainly be wearing this fashionable number at Pride this year. Thanks to Ceth2000 for their ace design!

Ash Tregay: "This elegant ensemble ensures that Agent X will always have an ace up his sleeve. A well-placed bracelet would be the acing on the cake. Love this acethetic."

Ian Pestridge: "This is a good look, I’m getting 60’s Mary Quant styled vibes from it - I reckon Symmetry would approve."

My HONK Vest

Honk, honk, hooooonk- ahem... Sorry about that! Last but certainly not least, Noland The Goose helps me put honkmen, I mean henchmen in their place... Heck, I look pretty honk myself- wait. What is happening?

Liberty save us, Noland has activated H.O.N.K. - the most honkific of Doomsday Devices! I'm turning into a goose... I knew there was something off about this design. Honk me! Hoooonk meeee-


Ian Honkstridge: "I'm impressed at how well the mask coloured orange and white suit works. I can imagine the Agent being very annoying, ‘bothering’ minions when he enters the lair."