Attention Minions!

Once again, we've sent our agents of T.A.L.E.N.T out into the world to discover the finest fan art, most devilish doodles and malevolent masterpieces. Well, let's just say you've generated some heat... Because these community creations are ON FIRE!

Evil Island (Credit: Jean-Ronflex)

This would make for some fine loot to add to our collection or to decorate the inner sanctum! We don't know what we love more, the soft magma glow creeping up the rocks, or that tiny waving crab. It's the crab, it's got to be the crab.

Perfect Disguise (Credit: Koshei_Smertnov)

There's nothing to see here, just you're common-or-garden minion hard at work. *nonchalant whistle* You need real smarts to not be fooled by the infallible (and iconic) Groucho glasses disguise. But now we moustache you a question... WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?

Shen Yu Reworked (Credit: Jean-Ronflex)

For fans of Doctor Who, this redesign of the sinister Shen Yu might remind you of the classic Gallifreyan robes and strange headgear. Yes, this humble pickpocket turned criminal mastermind got yet another glow up in this fabulous fan creation!

Special Highlights (Credit: Колдун из леса)

For our Special Highlights, we're celebrating these hand drawn creations, by Колдун из леса, who's captured pure Pyro chaos so accurately that we felt it deserved an extra round of applause. Pay particular attention to the little worker minion with the fire extinguisher, desperately trying to restore some semblance of order.

Finally, here's our latest batch of Criminal Colourings brought to you by our very talented Discord Community. For this edition, we reimagined Zalika, combining our love of cacti décor with the greenest of geniuses. Introducing, Cactika!

To get involved in our Criminal Colourings, head over to the Rebellion Discord server and keep and eye out in Evil Genius 2's Community Content chat for prompts and templates. Or, to share your amazing artwork on social media, simply tag us in your posts.

In the meantime, here's a batch of evil prompts to get your creative criminal juices flowing...

We'll be back soon with another round of community creations and fabulous fan art. Until then, get back to being evil!