Happy Easter Geniuses!

Rather than eggs, we've been hunting bugs in the lead up to the bank holiday, and we're happy to report that we've cracked a few that have been lurking.

With a focus on navigation, we've continued to make improvements to minion pathing, so we should see fewer members of our dedicated workforce getting stuck at the helipad and having to pay the ultimate price for their slacking. With a little community assistance, we also identified and fixed an extremely rare issue that caused minions to become completely invincible lair-destroying monsters, so that's good!

In addition, we've made a number of smaller fixed and general stability improvements to keep your sinister machinations running smoothly.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Stay Evil,

The EG2 Dev Team

Platform Specific

  • WINSTORE - Signing out of the "Xbox App" no longer causes the game to crash.


  • Minions will no longer become immortal under specific circumstances
  • Island will no longer be visible on transition to Island view from World Map
  • Navigation Fixes
  • Weapon dispensers should now correctly auto-reconstruct
  • Load game button remains visible if all cloud save data is deleted
  • Animation improvements
  • Security Zone gamepad input prompt will no longer overlap other prompts
  • Characters should no longer become stuck in a loop of falling into a shark trap when blocked in by attackers
  • Turret "Out-of-Ammo" backplate now displays correctly
  • Minions will now correctly re-load turrets
  • Research now correctly calculates money required and time remaining when difficulty is changed mid-game
  • Minions should no longer become stuck by stat changes while departing to World Map
  • Brainwashed minions can now be re-captured
  • Tier 1 Mining research now unlocked by default in Sandbox mode
  • Tourists in Benchmark mode now correctly sit on sofas

Super Agents/Henchmen

  • Henchman recruitment warning added to Super Agent Recruitment objectives in Sandbox
  • Henchmen no longer become unresponsive if interrupted during placement of a trap
  • Agent X "Noir" ability visuals adjusted
  • Henchman ability stability improvements


  • Geniuses and Henchmen can now access the dock area of Icicle Point
  • Minions can now correctly access Floor 3 of Icicle point using stairs
  • Ice statues can now be placed in the "Workshop" and "Portal Chamber"
  • Fixes for ice statue textures
  • Temperature balancing
  • Engineering Projects can now be cancelled after being suspended
  • Nautilus and Atlantis Rogues Gallery unlock fixes
  • Polar no longer becomes bald when frozen by a trap
  • Tutorial markers added to "Troublemaker" minions in Polar's campaign
  • Button added to minion manager to allow Engineering specialisation